Enriching Workers' Lives Outside the Workplace

Many of our supplier factories are located in countries where basic human needs may not be adequately met by the government or local community. VF is often committing resources to improve the lives of factory workers and their families by helping them meet basic needs.

We believe every person is entitled to foods that meet nutritional standards; clothing that reflects the person’s innate dignity; housing that allows privacy as well as shelter; health care that is affordable and accessible; and education that cultivates each person’s gifts and talents.

If we find that certain needs aren’t being met, we collaborate with the supplier and local third-party organizations to determine how we can improve the existing situation. We’ve already established a mobile health clinic in Cambodia (as demonstrated in the video above); women’s health and finance programs in Vietnam; and school support in the Dominican Republic. Our focus now is to launch programs in other countries to scale our positive impact. 

To support these types of initiatives, VF partners with a range of international and local organizations. This allows us to work with groups that understand and respect business dynamics while exercising cultural sensitivity and awareness at the local level. The result is worker-focused solutions that deliver tangible improvements to people’s lives and the services in their communities.

“I am very grateful for VF’s support of our social projects in Cambodia. Because of VF, our mobile medical clinic and programs assisting school children are giving hope to the present and future generations of Cambodians.”
— Gerry Testori, Founder, Missione Possibile

Video: Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the countries where we’ve made meaningful progress in our efforts to help workers meet their needs away from the factory. In this video you will see how VF supports programs offering free medical care to workers and their families, and nutritional services to school children. These are the types of programs we aim to scale across other countries over time.

Mobile Medical Clinic in Cambodia

Since 2014, VF has partnered with aid organization Missione Possibile to operate a mobile medical clinic in Cambodia. The clinic provides free medical services and medication to factory workers and their families across 10 villages, ensuring they receive adequate health care. VF's work with Missione Possibile also extends into the local primary and secondary schools with the Nutrients Lunch Program, which provides children a daily vitamin and healthy foods to support their dietary needs.