Addressing the Challenges in our Industry

The global apparel industry is complex. Raw materials from all corners of the earth converge across dozens of countries with varying levels of economic development. These materials are turned into products in thousands of factories that operate under disparate standards, regulations and laws. While the industry has lifted millions of people out of poverty and provided a path to economic prosperity, it is also challenged by breaches in worker safety, human rights, and environmental stewardship.

That’s why VF has partnered with NGOs and experts from labor, industry and academia to create the Responsible Sourcing program. As one of the largest apparel and footwear companies in the world, we recognize our opportunity and responsibility to affect positive change in our industry and improve workers’ lives. 

We are working to transform the relationships we have with our supplier factories – moving from transactional exchanges to partnerships. We’ve set new, higher expectations for their actions and operations with respect to social and environmental responsibility. And, we’re providing assistance to help them continually improve. With nearly 1,000 suppliers around the world, our impact can be transformative.

This website highlights the focus areas and early progress of our Responsible Sourcing program. Led by VF’s global Supply Chain organization, Responsible Sourcing partners closely with our Product Supply (“Sourcing”) teams and VF’s Global sustainability function to extend our social and environmental actions into our supplier network. Our current focus is with Tier-1 suppliers and we will expand into deeper tiers of our supply chain in the future.

Our efforts are making a difference, but we’re only scratching the surface. Over time, we strive to be an influential driver of lasting change. We are committed to the long journey. 

VF’s Responsible Sourcing program strives to make certain that our products are made in factories that are safe for workers, protective of the environment and helping to enhance their communities through positive actions that improve the quality of life locally. This is how VF operates; we are helping our suppliers to do the same.
— Tom Glaser, President, Supply Chain, VF Corporation